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Individuality has an important part to play in today's society of speed and mass production. When designing and building your home you want it to reflect your desires and the way you feel. You want it to say something about you...

...you want it to be unique.

The Ibstock Ancestry Collection is a range of special bricks created for you. All the products are made at small brickworks that have been producing bricks for centuries. They all use traditional techniques, with many of the bricks made by hand, giving them a distinctive character.

For bricks which define the individuality of your building, look no further than Ibstock’s Ancestry Collection – the embodiment of centuries of traditional brick-making.

For samples or further information, call us on 0870 903 4000.


Building Tradition And Individuality

In a world of mass production you normally get what you are given. With the Ibstock Ancestry Collection made in small, traditional brickworks you get what you want... ...individuality.

View the Swanage Range

Bespoke products created from individually blended handmade bricks. Specialities include imperial bricks and grey-glazed headers.

View the West Hoathly Range

A much-admired range of traditional 'clamp-fired' stock bricks, superb for new build or matching local Kent and Sussex buildings.

View the Chailey Range

Traditional hand-sorted Sussex stock bricks clamp-fired to give a time-honoured feel and character.

View the Funton Range

The original London yellow stock bricks. Weathered products are also available to match London streetscapes.

View the Tonbridge Range

An established and respected range of unique handmade bricks, including 50mm 'Tudor' bricks for new and refurbishment projects.

For samples or further information, call us on 0870 903 4000.

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